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Helios Italquartz s.r.l.
Science of light

Science of light

Helios Italquartz is present on the market since 1940 for the second lavouration of quartz glass and for the production of Infrared emitters and Ultraviolet lamps.
Lampade infrarossi

Infrared lamp

Short wave, medium wave and fast medium wave with single tube o bi-tube with or without different reflector directly applied on the tube.
Lampade ultravioletto

Ultraviolet lamp

Produced in low and high pressure able to disinfect and purify air and water and in oven for the curing of inks and glues.


Clear, unclear and opaque quartz glass in tubes, rods, discs, plates, rings, domed tubes.


UV Photo-polymerization, Black light, Tin detector analyzer, INVE 2000, Multirays.
Settore di applicazione


Glass, Photovoltaic, Chemistry, Research centre, Plastic, Printing, Water Purifying.